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Intensive revision courses

We run intensive revision courses throughout the year.

Whilst we have an established intensive revision course every Easter, we also run courses throughout the year as we feel this is something our students need. This course has been specifically designed with the student and their academic progression in mind. The topics that will be covered have been exclusively chosen by our expert tutors, in order to cover essential elements of the subject syllabus.

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What we offer

We run a small number of courses that are built with the focus on English language support for other subjects. With courses such as Maths, and especially Applied Mathematics, we are trying to break down the language barrier for some very bright students who are struggling with the competing challenges of an A level and English as a second language.

  • Free consultation – We’ll assess your level and your specific requirements

  • Either one to one or small group tuition

  • Covering all exam boards

  • Schedule – From a one or two sessions to daily classes throughout the week

  • Personalised learning – Our one to one and small group tuition allows for the tutor to put the individual needs of the learner at the forefront of their delivery.


To find out more about our intensive revision courses, or for any other queries, email us at

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