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A levels

At Oxford revision course, we provide personalized A level revision courses for all subjects and exam boards. Our experienced tutors can help students improve their understanding of core subjects and prepare for exams. We can tailor a study program to meet each student's individual needs, and we also offer Easter and holiday revision courses to help students stay on track with their studies. With our support, students can achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential.

Weekly revision courses are a great way for students to stay on track with their studies and prepare for exams. These courses typically meet once a week for a set period of time, and they provide students with an intensive review of the material covered in their classes. During the sessions, students work with experienced tutors who can provide guidance and support, answer questions, and help students develop effective study strategies.

One-to-one revision courses are another option for students who want personalized instruction and support. These individualized sessions provide students with focused, individualized feedback and guidance that can help them improve their understanding of the material and their performance on exams. One-to-one revision courses can also be more flexible and convenient, allowing students to schedule sessions at times that work best for them and to adjust the pace and content of the sessions to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, our revision courses are designed to support students in their academic pursuits and help them achieve their goals. Whether through weekly revision courses, holiday courses, or one-to-one tuition, we provide the guidance and support students need to succeed in their A level exams. Contact us today to learn more and find the right program for you.

What we offer

One year A level

This is something we take pride in delivering. One year A levels are an opportunity for students to take a subject that they may have not had the chance to do. It may be something that they wanted to do but missed out on due to timetable clashes or schools not offering it. We offer this chance to do an A level in a year in a range of subjects. Some students are very young when they make their choices to do A levels and as they go further along realise that the subjects they choose were not for them. So we offer one year a level programmes to help them do a subject they want to do.

Retake Options

We give students the support they need to retake and revise for exams. We offer a wide range of A level subjects that supports the individual student. There are many reasons why students need to retake exams and our specialist tutors have skills in dealing with strategies to increase their grades. We can discuss the best suitable strategy to succeed. Whether it be one to one tuition or taking many of our courses across the year to be prepared for the exams. We offer the full support of the content needed and revision skills for the exams.

  • Free consultation – We’ll assess your level and your specific requirements

  • Either one to one or small group tuition

  • Covering Cambridge, Edexcel, Eduqas , OCR and AQA

  • Schedule – From one or two sessions to daily classes throughout the week

  • Personalised learning – Our one to one and small group tuition allows for the tutor to put the individual needs of the learner at the forefront of their delivery.

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