Why choose Oxford Revision Course

We listen to the parents and students as well as supporting our tutors to deliver high quality education. We adapt to the needs of the students. Our tutors are specially chosen. We are not an agency; we are revision and tuition specialists. We have worked in education for many years and have tried to avoid the problems with some tutorial and agencies. For us it is about creating the best experience for everyone, in a supportive manner.

We work with some of the best tutors in oxford, we are flexible and this is something so necessary in tuition services. We have found that students need a range of support and this is something we offer.  We specialise in revision courses that are tailored to the needs of the students. We have small group revision courses running all year. With even more around Easter and summer. We offer one to one tuition in person and online depending on the needs of the students. Adam and Colin are accessible to support students through the many stages of the education and we offer support in study skills and revision techniques to all our students.

We have tailored our courses and tuition to a variety of different needs of students, whether that be a subject which cannot be taught in college, does not fit in with a students’ other subjects, or they require some supplementary learning, extra revision, study skills or one-to-one tuition.

We offer classes in revision after normal school hours, during half-term and holidays. Some students struggle in the big classroom so we have courses that have fewer students, which allows for more attention given to the individual. We create an ideal opportunity for students who have chosen to be homeschooled, or students who need to retake but don’t want to go back to a school environment.

Oxford Revision Course was set up by tutors with years of experience behind them, a carefully selected team that we work closely with. We listen to the needs of the tutors and the students to create an ideal working environment. We offer competitive rates and supplementary materials to help the students have everything they need to succeed in their subjects.


We offer one to one tuition, with professional tutors in an array of subjects. Many tutor services offer the same and do a wonderful job but we want to create access to the best tutors, the best service and of course the best support for our students.

Many tutor services emphasise one-to-one tuition but where possible we will place students in small groups, which helps us to offer a competitive cost and a high quality service. This not only drives the cost down for the student, but it also allows for teaching and learning to take place where students can engage in subject-relevant discussions, where peers can share best practice under tutor guidance and where the social aspects of learning replicates both higher education and the workplace. We also believe in getting the best possible tutors who, because of their skill and experience, often have limited availability. By asking a tutor to work with small groups in the same time slot, this increases the ability for us to get hold of the best.

However, we also recognise the great benefit of one-to-one tuition for certain students and subjects and can offer these as well. We will work closely with the student to make sure that we deliver the best possible programme of study to suit their needs.

We discuss what works best for you and build that into the course you get with us. We believe in giving you more than just simple tuition; we want to provide materials to our students that help them to excel in their studies. We offer free resources and we work with our tutors to create excellent resources to share with all students and bespoke resources for individual student needs.

The directors are tutors themselves and understand what the tutors need to succeed with the students and what the students will need from the tutors. At Oxford Revision Course we invest in building the best courses for all. We spend our time, energy and money on finding the best programme of study for the student and building tangible resources that students can use.

So for revision courses, ad hoc tuition and retake courses we can tailor our courses to suit your needs and budget. We are of course non selective; it is our job to find the solutions for student’ success.

Contact us to see what available course we have in our courses and what best suits the students, be it one-to-one or ongoing revision courses. Unlike many tutorial colleges, we offer revision courses throughout the year, including Easter courses. We can offer ongoing support or simply a burst of revision that can make a massive difference in a student’s grades.