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We can offer tuition for any GCSE subject across different exam boards. Many students need extra help with their core subjects either throughout their time at school or leading up to exams. We can find the right study programme for you. We also offer IGCSEs. 

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What are IGCSEs?

IGCSEs were designed to be delivered internationally. Like GCSEs, there are a vast range of different subject options, including the ‘core’ subjects.

Why take them?

Where IGCSEs differ to GCSEs is that they do not have coursework components (there are core practicals in science, fieldwork in geography and other practical elements in some subjects). The vast majority of subjects are assessed through exams alone (making them easier to deliver in different situations around the world). As a result, they are popular amongst home-schooled students.

They are also considered to have more academic rigour, because of the exam assessment and because the trademarked IGCSEs were developed by Cambridge. Many independent schools in the UK offer IGCSEs.

One benefit to IGCSEs is that they have two exam seasons per year, instead of the single summer exams taken for GCSEs.  The different exam boards that offer IGCSEs have different exam seasons, which means more flexibility to suit a student’s requirements.

IGCSEs are currently offered by these exam boards:

  • OxfordAQA (Summer exams - May/June, Winter exams - October/November)

  • Cambridge (Summer exams - May/June, Winter exams - October/November)

  • Edexcel (Summer exams - May/June, Winter exams - January)

English Lit. IGCSE course available​

  • 6 week courses, including an online invigilated mock

  • Covering EDEXCEL iGCSE Eng Lit

  • Maximum group of 10

  • Personalised learning – our tutors put the individual needs of the learner at the forefront of their delivery.

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